Friday, 10 October 2008

Message From The Prophet

The Prophet talks about the current financial crisis that has gripped the world and how the members of the church are dealing with it. So please watch the videos below and we hope that you find it informative, God Bless .

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Hello again to the blog site for The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ. We hope that you have had a good week and that this blog finds you in good health.

This week has seen some of the most devastating news being beamed around the world, with talk of the imminent financial collapse of the United States and with Britain soon t follow suit, many people have been looking rather grim and down trodden, many of our world leaders look absolutely blasted and they seem to have no good news to pout to the people. We have been inundated with people emailing us asking us what our stance of all this upheaval and how did we feel about the gloom and crisis that the world is in.

Members of The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ are led today by a modern day living Prophet and they receive revelation from the Lord via the Prophet. We have in the church modern day scripture much of which speaks of our day and forewarns us of these things. Much of this revelation and prophesy which speaks to us of events that are happening today can be found in The Book of Prophecies and Revelation. So with this in mind our members are not worried too much about the events that unfold on the national and international news with regards to the financial collapse of the world and the unrighteous leadership of the different nations involved. We are more concerned with our righteousness and our actions in these times and how they reflect Christ like attribute and weather we are doing what we have been asked.

Just this Sunday the Prophet gave a talk on this very subject. In that meeting he quoted from the book of P&R from a revelation given on the 23rd of January2008. The prophet quoted from many sections of that revelation but the following quote made the biggest impression on my mind “Now behold before my Second Coming nations shall collapse one against the other. Behold my servant they shall collapse because they have not done like unto my servant Joseph son of Jacob and they have not put by for the lean years and they have not done this because of their greed and their wont. Now behold I have caused that they have been blinded by their own greed, but behold my servant these things shall come to because they have not listened to my Prophets and mine anointed and because of this the nations shall collapse and there shall be unrest….hearken unto mu voice for the tribulation is coming and it is coming with great speed and its speed is great and it is like unto a great wind and it shall come and strip bear your land and many others in its wake”

This is just one of the many times that our day is spoken of in the book of P&R however that quote was one that stuck in my mind and has stayed with me and caused me to remain faithful in these hard times and has called me up to remembrance of the promises that I made to God and to the church at my baptism.

Also this week we saw the unveiling of the UK national ID card another issue with which many have come to us and asked what our stance is on this issue. All across the world many God centred people have been asking if such things are from God if they are something that we should be taking and honouring. In the same Sunday meeting that has just gone the Prophet also reminded us that he had been told about this some time ago in 2006 and that we were not to touch them or even take part in them he quoted from the book of P&R again this time he read from a revelation given on Thursday the 19th of January 2006 in which it says “behold a warning I give unto you, the time will soon come when thou wilt be asked to take by the leaders of thy country cards to carry your identity, this thou must not do, that is the will of the Lord”

So my friends you see that the members of the church here fear nothing that is happening at the moment as we have been forewarned by the Lord that these things will come to pass. We hear the words of the Lord and we obey, this obedience helps us get through these times. We are not saying that the hard times that are coming or that we may yet be living in will be a stroll in the park because they won’t be; they will be hard and in some instances very dangerous. Some people may be in danger of losing there lives and other things that they hold dear, but the love of the lord will be with us through all that trouble and strife, he will be with us to guide us and to comfort us when we feel down and despairing, then it will be up to us to give back to him our obedience and faith. With this faith and obedience we shall be blessed and the lord will protect us.

The Lords church is a church of revelation, it is a living thing not a dead organisation that claims to have revelation but then none is forthcoming. If you feel that you are lost and alone at this troubled times then come unto us and we shall help you and shall comfort you and help lighten your burden with the love of Christ. If you feel that you are walking through a dark and dreary waste with no light to guide then we shall help show you the way by which you may gain that that light. We are here to comfort and uplift you in these dark and trying days. The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ Is led by a modern day living Prophet of God who speaks and reveals his word to us.

God bless you on your journey, and let your journey led you here to your rest.

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