Saturday, 29 March 2014

Offical Statement: Same Sex Marriage

Today is the day that Britain gave same sex marriage equal footing with biblical marriage and the day that Britain slipped in to darkness and fell under condemnation from God. Let us be clear when we say that The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ continues to condemn the move taken by the government of the United Kingdom because it is at odds with the law of God and because of the actions of those who stand in government office and whom have made this decision the country will feel Gods condemnation at a point and time of the Lords choosing.  It must be understood that just because the public feel that it is a good move and one that should have been made means nothing in the sight of the church and also in the sight of God and his Law. The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ will never allow marriage between same sex couples as it is a violation of Gods law and will remain that way regardless of what the law of the land says. We must be allowed to be able to say that we do not condone this violation and condemn it, just as those who agree with it are given endless time in the press to promote it. I t is our God given right to object to this law and we will defend our right to argue against it fiercely as God would want us to.

The Coming of Christ

As the leadership of The Latter Day Church we have been asked many times ‘When will the Lord Come?’ It is the belief of The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ and also my personal belief that the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God is not for away, quite how far away we don’t know but I do know that the pieces of the Jigsaw that need to be in place for the events preceding thee coming of the Lord to be put in play are there and the stage is set.

We must be watchful and mindful of our place in this wicked world, for it is rapidly coming to an end, that is to say that the days of the wicked are truly coming to an end, and only when the world is fully ripe in iniquity will the Lord draw back the veil and reveal himself unto all the world. I would caution all those that are in the belief that the Lord has and continues to delay his coming, for he will come at his appointed time, not the time that we want him to come but in his own due time. This thinking is not the doctrine of the scriptures or of the church and is incorrect and dangerous thinking. Let me state again that the Lord will come during a time of great wickedness when the earth is full of iniquity and when it is ripe for a cleansing the like of which mankind has never witnessed before. Many of the signs of his coming have been given and have shown themselves, so the Latter Day Church make it very clear that the coming of the Lord is very close, he is no longer at the door, but rather his is through the door and awaiting to speak.

My brothers and Sisters do not be lulled in to a false sense of security in thinking that the Lord will come and show himself when all the world has become righteous enough to receive him, this is false doctrine and is not scriptural but rather an insidious doctrine spread by churches who wish to maintain a missionary force throughout the world in order to advance membership rather than to spread the truth that we are in the last throws of a dying sinful world. The Lord will not wait for us all to become righteous, when he is ready he will come, and this will be when the cup of the world runs over with wickedness and evil. So we need to be faithful and righteous and if we are not then it will be to our downfall and no ones fault but our own.

Again it is the policy of the church and the doctrine of our faith that the Lord will not come until the world has been given an opportunity to hear the warnings, given by those in authority, messengers sent to prepare the way before him. We do not expect the Lord to come and judge the world without first giving it a warning and preparing the way to escape the judgments and allow a time for those who are wicked to repent. This has been the pattern of our Father God since the foundation of the world and just as he endowed the Saviour to commission Noah to warn the world before the flood and to warn the people that if they repented they would be saved. Now today the same is to be said of us, we have been commissioned by God the Father through his son Jesus Christ too warn the world that it today is the time to start to repent and start to live your lives righteously.

It is our solemn belief that the coming of the Lord will happen in this generation, that the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ are here to warn expound and exhort all to repent. The day is very close at hand and I declare that all Latter Day Mormons should set there houses in order now! If you have work to do then do it! If there are things that are amiss in your preparation then get them sorted and do not put it off. Keep the commandments of God, do as you are directed, do not turn your face from him or his church or his commandments and if you serve with humility and faith and with prayer your house shall be set in order and you shall be prepared for whatever these days of tribulation have in store for you. I bless that you will heed the words of the Lord and his servants for the day soon cometh when all shall be darkened and the light shall not be lifted until the Lord of hosts the son of God shall stand amongst you and proclaim with the host of heaven that I am He whom the father has sent and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that he is the Christ.


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