Thursday, 16 August 2007

It seems that not every body understands what the Book of Jeraneck is or what it is about. It seems that some people think that it is a rehash of the Book of Mormon only set in Britain, or a substitute fro the Bible or Book of Mormon. So for this week we are going to try to let everyone now what the Book of Jeraneck is about and what makes it different from the Book of Mormon, note we say different not better than. The Latter day Church of Jesus Christ holds the Book of Mormon and the Bible as a sacred books of scripture.

The Book of Jeraneck is a further witness of Jesus Christ. It is a history of a people who fled the destruction of the tower of Babel. Now the tower of babel is mentioned in the Bible briefly in genesis Chapter 11 it was tower build to reach the heavens. we suppose and of course this only a guess that the tower of babel was somewhere in the region of modern day Iraq so that would be Persia or Babylon . The towers destruction is not mentioned in Genesis but it is mentioned here in the Book of Jeraneck and also in the Book of Ether in the book of Mormon. To answer the critics who say that this record has not one single old testament reference we say look a little closer. But firstly this is a record not kept by Jews they make no reference to old testament prophets because ultimately they are not Jews don't forget the Bible was only formed in to the bible as we have it years after the life and death of Jesus Christ. We don't even know how complete the Bible is. The other thing that has been asked is why do we not here mention of Christ visiting the people in Britain. This is simple relay they were warned that if they did not remain faithful that privilege would be taken form them and that they would not get to witness that event, however remember that this history took place years before he was even born. The Jaredite history in the book of Mormon could be asked the same thing. If the people of light had been faithful who knows maybe they would have seen the Christ walk among them, we still don't know that he didn't, because we don't yet have all the record of this people given to us only a part. The people in the Book of Jeraneck are not Jewish and therefore as the Bible is a Jewish record we find few examples of the people in the Book of Jeraneck using names from the old Testament. The people in the Book of Jeraneck were commanded by God to journey from the vicinity surrounding the tower of Babel to a new land that was promised them by God.

After many years of wondering in the wilderness and after a group of them broke of from the main group and went their own way the main group that kept Gods law came to what is today known a Carnac in France. There they stayed many years and after a time were commanded to build ships and sail to the land that they had been promised.

When the people arrived in Great Britain they set about building buildings and temples and homes. They built a temple at the place they call the Plains of Shainnon which is modern day Salisbury plain and Stonehenge. The temple was destroyed eventually because of the people s wickedness. The people in the Book of Jeraneck were led to Great Britain and they recorded there history on many records. The final Prophet who was called Jeraneck made it his life's work to compile a history on to one records of the people, so he took the meat of the history of his people and laid it down on 24 plates he called the plates of Jeraneck. Just before Jeraneck takes up the sword in defence of those who remain with him he gives the record to God for safe keeping until the time comes when his son who had gone in to hiding is ready to bring them forth again to the lords servant. We know that Jeraneck's son delivered that record to us.

The Book of Jeraneck stands as a witness of Jesus Christ, not in the fact that he came to the people in the flesh and lived among them but in the fact that he spoke to them and that he directed their lives and that the people loved him and followed his council, this stands as a testimony that god speaks to all his children not just a select few. We The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ believe that there are lots and lots of records that testify of people all over the world that lived by gods law and spoke with him, and we wait for that day with eager anticipation when we shall have them and be able to read them. However if there remain people in opposition to this then there fruits shall be lost to them. Those people have become like the persecutors of Joseph Smith Jr who said that the Book of Mormon could not be a book of scripture because they already had a Bible and what need for they to have another one, in short they missed the point and therefore the opportunity to better understand God. We are saying the same here, the Book of Jeraneck testifies that Christ lives and that he loves us and that there were once other people that worshipped him and called him master and lord. I believe that the Book of Jeraneck is a wonderful example of how when people forget God they forget who they are and with that comes the end.

My wish is that all those that now ridicule this book and its message and who slate it will one day remember who they are and what God promised in the Doctrine and Covenants is now coming forth that he would indeed give his people more records of the children of God that testify that he is the one true Lord of us all. I ask that you read the Book for yourselves and put to the test what Jeraneck asks near the end of the book, read it with an open mind not a closed one. Christ can not enter a closed door we must be willing to let him in.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Once again welcome one and all. What a busy week we have had here at The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ. We would like to thank all those people who have written e-mails and requested Books of Jeraneck, it is a real pleasure to be able to answer all the e-mails and to see the interest that you all have for the work that we are doing, once again thank you and God Bless.

Now as some of you may be aware the church had commissioned some art work to be done for the second edition of the Book of Jeraneck. We are well within our target to get the art work done and I have to say the quality of the work of the artist is fantastic. We have some new pictures to share with you all this week. We are still awaiting a further three pieces from the artist which will hopefully be finished by the end of this month. As for the word layout for the second edition, this has been sent to the printers and we are waiting final approval on that as well. We are hoping that by the end of August we will have the entire second edition done and dusted.

Now as the administrator for this week I have been asked to let every body know that we are always available on Sundays for Sunday worship if you feel that you wish to partake of the service then please come by and join with us. We begin at ten o'clock and although we are a small congregation we welcome all to come and join with us and see what we have to offer, we especially call on all those Mormons who need to fill part of there testimony or knowledge that is not being done by other Mormon denominations, however what ever religious leaning or not you are all welcome. I have also asked the Prophet Matthew Gill to include a small message from him this week that I think is most appropriate for the times we live in today, this was written solely for inclusion on this weeks blog.

The world is in a a lot of trouble and there are many people looking for answers to all the mess that we find ourselves in. As a Prophet of God I can tell you that the answers for those questions and problems will not be found by asking and relying on the government or people of like mind. God knows the world better than we do, after all he created it and it was he who formed it and made is stay in its place in the heavens. As a people we are being torn apart by scare tactics by the government and particularity scare tactics about the end of the world and global warming. We are being told that if we don't do something now there wont be a world for our children to inherit, it will die and it will be us that is to blame for this. Let me just say now that God will never allow this world to die, it will be made whole once again when he comes, there will be no destruction of the earth no global warming will destroy this mighty work that has been done. The world or the planet is in safe hands, Gods hands. However I am not saying that God will prevent disaster happening such as floods and fires and earthquakes and the like, but we must remember why they happen. What I am going to say now may come as a shock to many but this is the case. When we as people forget the Lord and deny his existence and we forsake him and become an unrighteous people we are no longer under Gods protection and covenant, no matter how much we hate to hear this being said its true we are being punished by God for our wickedness, that's the truth of it and the only way that we can save ourselves is by turning back to God and asking him for forgiveness. The problems will get worse no matter how much recycling and cutting down your carbon footprint you try to do. It want matter if you put your plastic bottles in to a different container to your glass or your potato peeling in to a different container to your meet, all of this deflects from the real problem and that problem is that we have forgotten God and we have become as Sodom and Gomorrah Now know that things will get worse we know that it will take the saviour himself return to usher in a a thousand years of peace, but as Christians and Mormons we believe that we must still remain faithful even though all around us people are loosing there heads and are not doing as God commands we must remain strong as resolute until God calls us out. My friends, The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ have the answers that all of you are looking for and we have talked to allot of people already, however we are living in the last days when the times of the Gentiles is soon to be fulfilled don't be left out in the cold and dreary world come unto us and we will take you in and give you refuge form the darker storms that are coming. God bless you all and my the Lord keep you in his thoughts.

I would like to thank the prophet for his sermon and ask you all to pray on hat he has said and take up his challenge. Now as promised the new pictures from the artist

To the left we have a picture of Zinon speaking to his forces before the Great battle. To the Right we have the Library of Nimdoa that was shown to the three Righteous Brothers. I'm sure that you will agree that the quality and texture of thee pictures is wonderful

I hope that this weeks blog has helped you or inspired you in some way please remember to email us or contact us if you are interested in anything todo with the church. have a great week. God Bless

Thursday, 2 August 2007

What a great week it has been for the church this week. We have had numbers of people emailing and asking for copies of the book of Jeraneck. We feel that we are being blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ in having these emails and that we are able to share the message that we have to lots of people that we do not know personally.

The Prophet Matthew Gill was asked this week to supply some information to a research team with regards to putting some of the information about The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ in to a book, the book is entitled
“Divergent paths of the restoration” the author of the book is planning on updating the information, so it was for this reason that the prophet has been asked to send said information about the church to them. We have also been told that the church will also be included on some restoration discussion groups on the net so hopefully we will see some interest been shown from them also.

We have been told this week that the art work for The Book of Jeraneck will be finished well within time and that the target for the end of August will be met well with time, We look forward to receiving the art work and getting the second edition out as soon as possible after this. To all those that wish to receive a copy of The Book of Jeraneck we can either send you a book or we can email you a copy. However is you wish to reserve a copy of the second edition wit all the art work and new page lay out then please contact Elder Philip Gill so that we can start listing names of people that would like to receive a copy.

The Prophet Matthew Gill once again reiterated on Sunday that we are going to be having some wonderful news given to us near the end of the year beginning of next that will help move the work forward. We wait with eager anticipation at this news and new revelations and we hope that we are able to support what ever the Lord has in store for his people.
We have been asked this week about how the church is organised with regards to general officers so with this we have gained permission from the prophet to include that part of the "Church Administration Hand Book" on this weeks blog. We hope that the Lord brings you a great week and that his presence is with you through out the course of the week . God bless and may the Lord keep and protect you.

General Church Administration

The Office of Prophet of The Church
The president of the church is the Prophet, Seer, Revelator and Translator. It is the duty of the President to preside over the whole church and to be like unto Moses (See D&C 107:42) The President or Prophet is called of God by revelation and none else shall be appointed unto this gift (prophet of church) except it be through him (See D&C 43:1-2) The prophet is ordained of God and through him all revelations from God will be made known to the church
(See D&C 28:2) The prophet of the church is also appointed two counselors by revelation
(See D&C 107)

The Standing High Council of Zion
The standing high council of Zion is the church's highest legislative and judicial council. The standing high council of Zion consists of twelve men appointed by revelation, headed by the Prophet and his counselors ( See D&C 102:1) This Standing High Council takes on the role of chief judicial and legislative body of the church and handles such things as excommunication trials and handles all cases not settled by the presiding Bishop. The standing high council of Zion is also responsible for the approval of all church spending. The standing high Council of Zion is the first council of the church and all things that need to be appealed go to the Standing High Council of Zion, and then to the Presidency of the Church.

Presidency of The High Priests
The Presidency of the High Priests is spoken of in the Doctrine and Convents (See D&C 107:11) The presidency of the High priests is instituted for the purpose of qualifying those who shall be appointed to the standing council of Zion and also those who shall be appointed to The Travelling Council of Twelve Apostles (See D&C 124:42)

The Travelling Council of Twelve Apostles
The Travelling Council of Twelve Apostles is twelve men, ordained to the office of Apostle to oversee the missionary work of the church and are also sent out amongst the world to preach the gospel to all the world (See D&C 107:35 & D&C 124:128) The Travelling Twelve are subordinate to the Standing High Council of Zion. When vacancies arise in the Travelling Twelve, The Presidency of the High Priests appoints a replacement.

The Quorums of Seventy
“The Quorums of Seventy are called to preach the gospel and to be especial witnesses unto the Gentiles and unto all the world” (See D&C 107:11) The Quorums of Seventy are equal in authority to The Travelling Council of Twelve Apostles (See D&C 107:11) Within The Quorums of Seventy seven presidents are chosen by revelation to preside over them. The seventh president of these is to preside over the six. The Seven presidents are then to choose a further seventy as the spirit dictates and that second seventy are to be travelling ministers unto the gentiles and unto the Jews (See D&C 107:43)

The Presiding Bishop
The Presiding Bishop is the president of the Aaronic Priesthood over the whole church
(See D&C 107:8) The Presiding Bishop is also responsible for administering all the temporal affairs of the church and it is his responsibility to see that the tithing of the church is being used responsibly as in the days of Joseph (See D&C107:32) all cases of discipline and welfare that are not settled by the presiding Bishop go to the Standing High Council of Zion.

Patriarch of Zion
The Patriarch of Zion is one of the highest positions in the Church. It is an office that is handed down by Lineal succession as commanded by the Lord (see D&C 124:29) The Patriarch of Zion holds all the keys of the Patriarchal blessing and it is only through him that a Patriarchal blessing my be given. The Patriarch of Zion my also stand in at the head of meetings if the Prophet is not present (see D&C124:29)

The Anointed Quorum
The Anointed Quorum is a Holy Order. It is a select body of men and women (No Single Sisters) who the Prophet initiates into Temple ceremonies, which gives them special standing before the Lord. The Prophet gives this group, which should only number Sixty to One Hundred people, most couples, but not all, also receive their Second Anointing. Members also hold meetings, which are to be held usually every two weeks, in these meetings Prayer Circles are to be held, because prayer plays an important role in the Church. Nearly all members of the Anointed Quorum are to be chosen from The Office of The Prophet,The Standing High Council of Zion and any that the Lord revels to his prophet.


Presiding Elders
The Presiding Elder is to take the lead and conduct the meetings of the church as they are led by the Holy Ghost (See D&C 20:9) The Elders are also required to administer the Sacrament of the church (See D&C 20:8) They are required to confirm new members in to the church and to teach, expound, exhort, and to watch over the church (See D&C 20:8)

The Office of Priest
The office of Priest is given by revelation to worthy males as directed by the spirit of revelation. The duty of a Priest is to preach, Teach, expound, exhort, and baptise. A Priest is also required to administer the Sacrament of the church along with the Elders of the church. The duties of the Priest’s of the Lords church are to contact each member, weather by visiting their home or speaking to them by phone, they are to exhort them to pray and attend to all family duties. A Priest may ordain other Priests, teachers and deacons. The Priests are also to take the lead in the meetings of the church when there is no Elder present
(See D&C 20:10)

The Office of Teacher
The office of Teacher is given by revelation to worthy males directed by the spirit of revelation. The duty of a Teacher is to watch over the church always, and be with, and strengthen them. They are to see that there is no iniquity in the church, neither hardness with each other, neither, lying, backbiting, nor evil speaking. They are to see to it that the church meets together often and to see that the members are doing their duty. The Teacher is to take the lead of meetings in the absence of the Presiding Elder or Priest. The Teachers are to be assisted always, in all their duties by the deacons. Teachers however do not have authority to baptise, administer the sacrament or lay on hands (See D&C 20:11)

The office Of Deacon
The office of Deacon is given by revelation to worthy males directed by the spirit of revelation. The Deacons are to assist the teacher in his duties and they are to warn, expound, exhort, and teach and invite all to come unto Christ. Deacons however do not have authority to baptise, administer the sacrament or lay on hands (See D&C 20:11)

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