Sunday, 26 January 2020

The Last Days

As the Prophet and First Elder of the Restored Branch of Jesus Christ it is my duty to prepare the people under my care for the final and last days that we are now living in. It will have come to some of your attention that there is growing in the east a virus called the coronavirus. This looks like it is growing and spreading and we must all take care. Do not be fooled in to thinking that just because it’s not on your front door now that it might not be later. We need to understand our place in this world and what has been promised and foretold about our day by the Lord and the Prophets of today and in the past. Joseph Smith the first Prophet of the Restoration foretold of our day in D&C 88 and in our own day to the Branch to day we have been given D&C 138 given in 2006. I would call upon the saints to read these two accounts because they speak to us today and about some of the things happen to us and the earth. The great Prophet Enoch also saw our day in a vision recorded in the Bible and he saw great wickedness upon the face of the earth, and he pleaded with the Lord, “When shall the earth rest?” and “Wilt thou not come again upon the earth?” The Lord answered him, “As I live, even so will I come in the last days. … And the day shall come that the earth shall rest.”  Make no mistake my friends we are living in the last days we are living in the days that Enoch saw.

My brothers and sisters we are living in the last days. In those days we shall hear of great calamity and of natural disasters and plagues and pestilences and many people will die, those are the facts and we need to come to peace with them. We are now living in the last days, this is a period of wickedness and tribulations, of calamity and great distress be not deceived in this for we will see and hear and experience these things in our lives.

I proclaim unto you all that we must prepare the way for the Second Coming of the Lord. We must obey the principles of the gospel and know the signs of the times, so that they may endure the trials and difficulties of this dispensation, recognise the signs of His coming, and be prepared to receive Him as His own people when He comes. We must remember that The Prophet Joseph Smith prophesied of a time when no one would have peace except in Zion.  

As a branch and a people under God let us not treat these last days with lightheartedness but let us face them knowing that if we are with God and are in his services we shall be lead and comforted in Him. I know these days are turbulent and full of darkness but it is always the darkest just before the dawn and our dawn will bring Christ and with it and peace and love and rest from all cares

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Joseph Smith & The Book of Mormon

Joseph Smith, the first Prophet and founder of the Restoration tells us that the Book of Mormon was translated from plates shown to him by a heavenly messenger on September 21, 1823.
"While I was thus in the act of calling upon God I discovered a light appearing in the room which continued to increase until the room was lighter than at noonday, when immediately a personage appeared at my bedside standing in the air for his feet did not touch the floor...When I first looked upon him I was afraid, but the fear soon left me. He called me by name, and said unto me that he was a messenger sent from the presence of God to me, and that his name was Moroni. That God had a work for me to do, and that my name should be had for good and evil, among all nations, kindred’s, and tongues; or that it should be both good and evil spoken of among all people. He said there was a book deposited written upon gold plates, giving an account of the former inhabitants of this continent, and the source from whence they sprang. He also said that the fullness of the everlasting gospel was contained in it, as delivered by the Savior to the ancient inhabitants. Also that there were two stones in silver bows, and these stones fastened to a breastplate constituted what is among them called the Urim and Thummim, deposited with the plates, and the possession and use of these stones was what constituted seers in ancient or former times, and that God had prepared them for the purpose of translating the book." (Times and Seasons, vol. 3, p. 753)

The time soon came for The Prophet Joseph to see the plates and to experience the beauty of being given a record that has been lost to the world, this is what he says concerning that moment.
"Convenient to the village of Manchester, Ontario Co. New York, stands a hill of considerable size, and the most elevated on any in the neighbor hood; on the west side of this hill not far from the top, under a stone of considerable size, lay the plates deposited in a stone box: this stone was thick and rounding in the middle on the upper side, and thinner towards the edges, so that the middle part of it was visible above the ground, but the edge all round was covered with earth. Having removed the earth and obtained a lever which I got fixed under the edge of the stone and with a little exertion raised it up, I looked in and there indeed I beheld the plates, the Urim and Thummim and the Breastplate as stated by the messenger. The box in which they lay was formed by laying stones together in some kind of cement; in the bottom of the box were laid two stones crossways of the box, and on these stones lay the plates and the other things with them. I made an attempt to take them out but was forbidden by the messenger and was again informed that the time for bringing them forth had not yet arrived, neither would until four years from that time." (Times and Seasons, vol. 3, p. 771)

After many times of being able to go to the hill and see the plates the time came for the Prophet to be given the plates and to take them. Here the prophet Joseph describes receiving the plates and the gravity if the situation.

"At length the time arrived for obtaining the plates, and Urim and Thummim, and the breastplate; on the 22nd day of September, 1827, having went as usual at the end of another year to the place where they were deposited, the same heavenly messenger delivered them up to me, with this charge that I should be responsible for them: that if I should let them go carelessly or through any neglect of mine I should be cut off; but that if I would use all my endeavors to preserve them, until he the messenger should call for them, they should be the wisdom of God they remained safe in my hands until I had accomplished by them what was required at my hands when according to arrangements the messenger called for them, I delivered them up to him and he has them in his charge until this day." (Times and Seasons, vol. 3, p. 772)

Here Josephs mother Lucy describes the effort that Joseph had to make to get the plates back home safely.

"After removing the plates from the stone box, Joseph hid them in a birch log until preparations could be made at home for the plates. Then he went to retrieve them. "The plates were secreted about three miles from home...Joseph, on coming to them, took them from their secret place, and wrapping them in his linen frock, placed them under his arm and started for home." After proceeding a short distance, he thought it would be safer to leave the road and go through the woods. Traveling some distance after he left the road, he came to a large windfall, and as he was jumping over a log, a man sprang up from behind it, and gave him a heavy blow with a gun. Joseph turned around and knocked him down, then ran at the top of his speed. About half a mile further he was attacked again in the same manner as before; he knocked this man down in like manner as the former, and ran on again; and before he reached home he was assaulted the third time. In striking the last one he dislocated his thumb, which, however, he did not notice until he came within sight of the house, when he threw himself down in the corner of the fence in order to recover his breath. As soon as he was able, he arose and came to the house."  (History of Joseph Smith by His Mother, pp. 107- 108)

In the modern restoration today and in this Restored Branch we hold the prophet Joseph Smith in high regard not because he was an extraordinary man although he was but because he is a Prophet of God and he brought forth one of the greatest books in history, The Book of  Mormon. Now in this day we have been given further revelation from God and have had plates of brass given to us and upon those plates are engraven the words of a lost Children of Araneck who once lived here on this land. We as a branch are now standing and building on the foundation laid by Brother Joseph Smith we are rebuilding what was once torn down and in doing so we hold before the world not only the Book of Mormon but also the Chronicles of The Children of Araneck. We need not be afraid and shamed to do this for we know that Joseph was and is a prophet of God and that he did translate form ancient lost plates, and that we have had the same privilege and that we are like unto him. My brothers and sisters let us go forth from here with a renewed vigour to take these two wonderful records to the world and bring light and knowledge to a dark and dreary lost people who are crying out to be saved form themselves and the eternal darkness that awaits them if they do not heed our words. I bless you with the Lord guidance in the coming week ahead until we meet again in fellowship and love.

In The Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

What Makes The Restored Branch Different From All The Rest

I am often asked what the difference is between our Branch and other churches or branches in the Restoration, latter Day Movement.

In answering this question I like first to draw attention to things that we have in common. The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ follows and believes in Christ. We testify of him and we teach of Him and center our lives on Him. We believe in The Book of Mormon. We hold it as scripture as do many if not all those in the Restoration Movement, The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ are no different. We believe in the divine calling of The Prophet Joseph Smith. We hold him as the first Prophet of the Restoration. We believe in the restoration of the fullness of the Gospel. We believe in the events of the First Vision and the translating of the ancient record of the Nephites. We believe in the plan of salvation outlined by the Prophet Joseph Smith. We believe in and hold as scripture the Doctrine and Covenants and revelations given to the Prophet Joseph Smith. We use the Inspired Version of The Bible like many others within the movement. We believe in many of the same things as most of those involved in the Restored Gospel.

However the main difference between The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ and the rest of the restoration movement is that we believe that the heavens are not closed to us that God continues to give revelation through a living Prophet. This has led to one of the biggest differences between our Branch and the rest of the restoration movement. The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ has been given new scripture to stand with The Book of Mormon the Inspired Version of The Bible and the Doctrine and Covenants. This new book of Scripture is called The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck.

The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck contains two records. One written by a Prophet called Jeraneck and the other by his son who was called Rayaneck. Both the Book of Jeraneck and The Book of Rayaneck are contained with The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck. The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck were translated by Matthew Gill, Prophet, Seer, Revelator and Translator of the Branch in 2006 and 2015.

Throughout history much has been written concerning those who once lived upon the Isles of Great Britain in the era some call the pre-history of the world. Much has been spoken of the people that built Stonehenge, Woodhenge and all the other stone monuments and burial grounds that are found throughout the lands of Great Britain, however not one of these so called historians has had any record or writing to base their claims and ideas on. Now a record has come forward written by those that lived anciently upon the land of Great Britain between the years 3000 B.C until 700 B.C and much of what they have written will shock and destroy many of the false ideas that many of these learned men of the world have had to say concerning the past of those that lived long ago upon the land of Great Britain.

The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck stands as the record of a dying civilisation of early Britain which had constructed Stonehenge and the other stone circles, hill forts and burial mounds and other such places as meeting places and places of worship of Almighty God, the same God who brought them from the Tower of Babel to Britain to have them serve Him as His People. The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck answers fundamental questions that have perplexed historians for centuries, like: - What were the early peoples of Britain like? Where did they come from? What did they believe? And who built the ancient Megaliths like Stonehenge - and for what purpose?

This ancient record witness of Christ and speaks of Him and testifies of Him. It glories in the gospel of Jesus Christ and testifies that he will be born and lives and die for us.  The Chronicles of The Children of Araneck is as special to The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ as all the other books of Scriptures that we use. However it is the one big thing that makes us so very different.

We have been charged to take this record unto all the world and we have. However so much still has to be done to bring this record to those who have yet to hear about it. It is the continuing mission of The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ to bring this record to the entire world. It was our first charge and remains our most important mission. We encourage you to read the record for yourselves and ask God the Eternal Father if the things you have read are true. We know if you have been sincere in your study and your heart is true that He will indeed reveal the truth of this ancient record to you.

The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ stands as the only organisation within the Restoration to bring forth new scripture and we are very honoured that the Lord and our Father in Heaven have seen fit to allow us this honour.

For more information on this ancient record and to obtain a PDF of the record please visit our website

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