Monday, 10 January 2011

Statement on the Tragedy in Tucson, Arizona

Statement by Prophet Matthew P. Gill on the shooting in Arizona, USA:

"I was shocked to hear of the wanton destruction of life and the mindless menace of violence which took place in the United States of America in Tucson, Arizona on the 8th of January 2011. As the Prophet of the church I wish to pass on my condolences on behalf of the church here in the United Kingdom, and as the Prophet of the whole Church worldwide.

One day we shall have peace on this earth one day we shall have the peace and calm that we crave and desire, but it will only come through Jesus the anointed one the Messiah the Son of God. Until that day we may walk through darkness but we carry before us the Light of Christ and we carry that to the whole world. It is up to all right thinking Christan men and women, even children to stand out against acts if violence and oppression.

The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ extends its condolences to all who have lost during this tragic time, we pray that you may find some peace and feel of the Lords comfort in your time of sorrow. Peace be with you."

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