Saturday, 26 October 2013

All Children Are Alive in Christ

Latter Day Mormons and members of The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ know that through the atonement Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice and paid the debt for Adams transgression. We know that the second Article of faith tells us this when it says ‘We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam's transgression’.

Much of Christianity is tainted with the false doctrine of original sin which tells them that all men are born under condemnation and tainted with the sin of Adam. There are millions of people professing to believe in Christ the Lord who believe that all children are born under this condemnation. The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ state that this is dangerous and indeed a very false doctrine and we do not adhere to it or any of its principles. The Latter Day Church maintains that this is the most damnable doctrine ever taught by the false religions of men.

Latter Day Mormons and all those that belong to The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ now that no child ever born to man is subject to sin until they reach the age of accountability, until they begin to know and to understand right from wrong and become accountable before God almighty according to the age which he himself has appointed unto man, which is eight years of age. We therefore state that baptism means nothing in the case of infants because they can not repent, they have nothing to repent of in the first place, let us not forget that not only is baptism and outward symbol that you choose to follow God but also used for the remission of sins.

Let is be made clear today that we believe that God has not placed any taint upon any little child no matter how or where they come into this world, it is through the atoning blood of Christ that they are redeemed from all of Adams sin, Christ took it upon himself that is the great work of the atonement, let us remember that the scriptures tell us that ‘The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth. Light and truth forsake that evil one. Every spirit of man was innocent in the beginning; and God having redeemed man from the fall, men became again, in their infant state, innocent before God’.(D&C 93: 36-38). This revealed truth given to us by God tells us that all children are innocent in the beginning, which means before the foundation of the world, before Satan rebelled, all men are created innocent. Make no mistake when a child is born it is born clean and innocent from the sin of the world and from past generations.

It is with this in mind that we know that all children who are born are innocent and that if they should be called home to the presence of God in their infancy they will be called home to the full Celestial Glory of God. It matter not to God whether that infant or baby is a Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, or any faith you can imagine they are all the same in the sight of God. What a Joyful blessing this is that we proclaim to the world, is it not right that all those that grieve or have grieved for the loss of a little one should know that their little one is not lost but is safe and at peace in the arms of the Lord.

The Lord has made it very clear to us that the age of accountability is that of eight years. After we reach our eighth birthday, we are supposed to have understanding sufficient enough to choose to be baptised, it is the Lord who takes care of those under this age, and little children under the age of accountability are not subject to the law of repentance. This is something that God has declared himself, it is not something that the church has decided to implement but rather it is the eternal law of God.

The crowning glory of all Latter Day Mormons is to be married in the sight of God man with women, when they are joined together they are not only fulfilling the commandment of God but the commandment of eternity. It is with the great union that Man and Women become as the Gods and are endowed from on high to create life and do as the Gods before them and bring in to being life from the eternal world unto this mortal world. As parents we are given the blessings of creating the temples that will house the father’s spirits and in turn it is our duty to make sure that those temples and spirits are looked after and that they fulfil the measure of their creation. Let us not forget that we, each and everyone of us were all mature spirits before we were born, and the bodies of the little children that we have been endowed to create will grow just as our sprit has done little by little. Latter Day Mormons know that the Father loves all his children just as we love our children and he would not allow any of his small and innocent children to be denied access to him if they should die before the age of accountability.

It is therefore the duty of every Latter Day parent to teach their children the truth, to bring them up in the way of the Lord, to teach them the first principles of the Gospel, to teach them the necessity of baptism for the remission of sins and for membership in the church of Christ. It is your duty to teach them the things that pertain to the kingdom of God that they may comprehend the truth and walk in the light of Christ that they may have the fellowship of him with them all the days of their lives. Latter day parents knowing the truth and knowing that they are the custodians of the spirits of the eternal father should always strive to bring their children up in the way they should go, keep them close to your heart, show them that you love them, that you are their parents that they are your children, and keep them near to you so that they will not go far from you in this world or the next.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Free from Limitations

‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’ (Proverbs 29:18)

As Latter Day Mormons it is important that we express to the world what we believe and why we believe it. With Latter Day Mormon doctrine we will be able to do just that and it will not be open for debate and it will be recorded for all to see.

The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is free from limitations for it is the church of God and is led by the Law of Revelation. We believe that it is the will of our Father in Heaven to converse with us today and that he is ready to do so just as he was in ancient days. The Latter Day Church does not consider it strange that the Lord should speak to man in this day as he did in ancient of days. Are our Father and his son less interested in man today? Have we advanced so much that we have passed beyond the need of divine help? It was said by one ancient Prophet ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’ (Proverbs 29:18) and another great prophet said ‘Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secrets unto his servants the prophets’ (Joel 2:28-29).  We proclaim to the world that the Latter Day Church stands alone in the belief that the Father and the Son still reveal themselves and their truth to man as was proclaimed by the ancient prophets.

The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ believe that the Bible does not contain all the revelations given by the Gods and that it contains only fragmentary accounts of the dealings of the Lord with his servants the ancients prophets. The Latter Day Church proclaims that the only Bible that is near to completion is that which was revealed to the prophet Joseph Smith and although his work was cut short on the work in perfecting the Bible we should hold true to what was revealed to him even through it was not completed. We stand and proclaim to the world that the Inspired version of the Bible is the most correct Bible that mankind has in its hands. We believe that through modern day revelation that the Bible will be perfected in these last days and that it will be done under the direction of the Lord through his chosen servant. As we proclaim this there are those that will say that this is further evidence of our fall from the presence of God. However if men will permit reason to guide them in the path of common sense he will have to conclude that there is no reason or justification for the belief that everything that God wished to say to his children is to be found in the pages of the Bible today. Such thinking and false doctrine closes the moth of the almighty denying him the power to speak. These people then populate the myth that there is no need for further revelation in saying that the Bible is complete and in need of no further work. In saying this about the Bible they then hold true to the fact that if this is true of the Bible then it is true for all other forms of scripture. Do we honestly think that the Lord did not have any interest in other peoples outside of the holy land, to speak to them and to guide them by his word? That thought yet again try’s to limit God by mans standards and limitations something that The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ does not do for we know that God has revealed many things unto his children no matter where they may live upon the earth and why shouldn’t their account of the gospel be heard just as the bibles is.

The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ believe that all the essential ordinances of the gospel were changed, modified and corrupted by mans will and not by Gods divine instruction, that the church that was established by God had changed and that as Isaiah proclaimed, men were drawing near to the Lord with their lips but their hearts were far from him (Isaiah 29:13).  We hold true to the belief that the church in ancient days had become so corrupt that the heavens were opened and a restoration was indeed needed to correct what was incorrect and again restore the faith of God. The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ also believe that this is not just a one of occurrence and that when the church of God falls in to apostasy God withdraws his spirit form it and awaits a time to restore it again, this we hold true to today just as in the time of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ stands as the restoration of the gospel of Christ and the Mormon faith. The church of God will be led by revelation and the opening of the heavens and the coming forth of heavenly messengers and with this the restoration of the faith of God. The church of God must be led and blessed with revelation it is by this fruit that we shall know that it is the church of God. The church of God is built upon revelation it lives for revelation and thrives upon it.

Latter Day Mormons know that all the answers to the many mysteries that today surround us can be found in the revealed works of God, which stand as a testament to him and to the Saviour. We do not grope around in the dark searching for answers, we do not go following every tom dick or harry that comes forth proclaiming to have received revelation or indeed follow after imaginary beings or ghosts, no we know the truth and we abide in the truth. Latter Day Mormons are therefore free from error and from those that wish to deceive and draw those away in to error. God is our guide and we follow him and him alone and in doing so we walk in righteousness and in the light and follow is doctrine.

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