Friday, 28 November 2008

As some of you are aware last weeks blog post was supposed to be our last of the year, apart form the GA video that is to be posted latter in December. However it has come to my attention again that there continue to be lies posted on the Nauvoo forum about the church and my family. It saddens me that I have to write this blog post, but I want the opportunity to tell the truth regarding some of the lies that have been posted. I think however before I write this post that I make it clear that I have no problem with the LDS church at all. I do not condemn them or the work that they do. I believe they are wrong but I would never go as far as to lie about their teachings or about individuals who lead the LDS church. This seems though unfortunately to be the pattern that many LDS members have taken regarding The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ and its leaders and members. The reason for this post apart from telling the truth is that many of these lies are slanderous and have no foundation whatsoever and if these lies ever got out in to the public domain could damage very seriously our professional working relationship.

So some of these lies lets examine them. To do this I shall list just a few of the lies that have been told and answer each of them in turn.

(Bugbyte)“They prey on venerable people. Their 1st ‘convert’ (Smith?) was a returned missionary with quite severe learning difficulties”
We have never preyed on vuneravle people. In fact I don’t even know who these vulnerable people are. They state that at least one of them is Elder David Smith. I have known Elder David smith for a very long time. I knew him when he and I served in Ireland on a Mission. He does not have any learning difficulties what so ever. In fact he was one of those that helped found the church. It’s so funny because any one that knows our David Smith knows that this is just so untrue.

(Bugbyte) “They got him (David Smith) to sell his house he had inherited to fund their church”
Another lie. David Smith has never sold a house as far as we are aware. The church has never taken any money from him in this regard. The question that needs to be asked here is where did they get this lie from? Who told them of this? As it’s not true then I guess that they are listening to gossip yet again. I state once again for the record that Elder Smith has never received a house as an inheritance from any one!!!!1 and he has never sold a house and given the money to the church.

(Bugbyte) “The two new converts in the baptism videos are also venerable ex members. I am concerned at the level of investment they have made to Phil Gill”
I am not sure who they are referring to here. But I state yet again that none of our members here in the UK are venerable in any way. None of them have severe learning difficulties and none of them have given any money to the church, apart from normal tithing donations. Phil Gill is not the leader of this church and has no reason to rip people off and steal from them; he has a very successful business of his own that makes more than enough money. These people listen to our message and we let them decided what hey wish to do about joining, no one has been forced and tricked in to joining. Once again a rumour and a lie. May be they should talk to us rather than listen to gossip.

(Iregretthis) “It bothers me that they are appealing for money to set up Zion Camp. I am so upset to hear about the preying on and exploitation of these vulnerable people”

We do not see a problem in asking people for donations if you don’t want to give then don’t give, it’s that simple, and we don’t force anyone to give us money. I do believe that the LDS church asks its members for donations, they call them fast offerings that are voluntary donations, so what's the difference? Again it would seem to be that this person is more wiling too except an unfounded lie rather than find out the truth for them selves.

(Bugbyte) wouldn’t worry, his church will fail. Phil Gill just does not have the charisma to pull it off, hence the complete lack of baptisms. If you ever met him you would know what I mean. As a good Mormon I do worry about their salvation, but I worry a whole lot more about his converts. Although baptised into our church the three converts have some degree of learning difficulty and will have been exploited. I am 100% sure the Lord will not hold them accountable. The first convert gave the equity from his house sale to them.
I don’t know what Elder Phil Gill having charisma has to do with the church going forward. The LDS church have lots of baptisms because they have lots of people already on the ground to do lots more work with lots more money at their disposal. Please don’t be worried about our members none of them have learning or mental disabilities….it just makes me laugh when in on line this person says that they were former members of the LDS church and makes it sound like its fine for them to have members with difficulties but for any one else to have them, then they must be tricking them or stealing from them. We have no converts with learning difficulties at all in any case so the argument is just stupid. If we did I still don’t see what the problem would be any way. Aren’t they entitled to know God? You might want to find out how many disabled people and people of low intellect there re in the LDS church. You will find it’s much higher than our church, as WE HAVE NONE.

(Freezer) I'm so glad I've found this site and others are aware of the "Gills”. have been very concerned that I was the only person who was aware of Phil’s and Matthews’s background, although there are many facts you are unaware of. Matthew came into contact with David while serving a mission in Ireland. I’ve read Matthews comments of this forum on his blog site and it’s interesting to note that he hasn’t commented regarding the sale of David’s house and if the money was given to the Gills. Whatever reason or motive drove them to this point, only they know. But I do pray for them that they will give up this charade and repent.

Please, please for the sake of sanity can someone tell me what they know about my background and my fathers? Note the word ‘know’ very few people ‘know’ anything what they think they know is untrue. Many of the people like the person above have relied on gossip and lies to fuel their bigotry. Note how they use the David Smith issue again. David has never sold a house and given the money to me my father or the church. I also like how this person thinks that we need to give up the charade. Maybe they need to examine their own LDS dogma and give up what they think is right. Crazy!!

(amazonman) The gills are going all out to deceive so I feel like I need to put in my 2 pennies worth. I grew up with the guy in Tamworth England. We didn't get on. I almost hit him........twice - you get the picture! I smile at his testimony of him growing up and recieving his visitation at 12 and how the family were great church members. I'm sorry but it is completely untrue.The comments on paralells of JS and people not believing him etc etc came to my mind too. Fortunately I know the man behind the claims and can safely say I have good reason not to believe him. I have a lot to say about him, not all good. I knew his counselor briefly too, I think he's seriously been taken advantage of. In summary, try to find someone who has anything positive to say about him or his family. Compulsive lying, pride, not going to church because a position of authority wasn't bestowed.

What a lovely man this is. As I don’t know his name I can’t personally comment on this person. However he betrays the sort of person he is by his unchristian act of almost hitting me twice, nice guy then? I don’t think I have ever used the words great church members, in fact we very rarely mention our past association with the LDS church. He claims to know the man behind the claims, he obviously has a biased opinion of me from his childhood, (maybe he felt inadequate around me I don’t know) and I doubt weather he would have been a friend in any case, so it’s very unlikely that he would ‘know’ me at all. Once again Elder Smith is being described as some kind of poor unintelligent person who can be taken advantage of, not true, and I don’t know how he knows of him any way as I dint even know Elder Smith growing up. This guy has a real dislike of me and my family that is obvious from his post, but I want to state now that none of my family ever went in active from the LDS church while we were members of the church ever!! In any case most of my family had postions of authority for majority of thei time in the LDS church. So that’s a lie.

Once again I would like to say that it saddens me to have to post this blog and defend my self in this way. However after thinking about it long and hard it had to be done. What really get s me is that these idiots listen to this rubbish; it’s just amazing really, its mind blowing. I have nothing to hid, if you want to know the truth then please come to the source and ask me. If you dislike what we have done that's okay but don’t make up lies and stories that are not true. I have never been in gaol, I have never been in front of an LDS court, and no one that is related to me has ever exploited anyone in the church with regards to taking money from them. I have never been arrested for fraud or any other crime of that nature. May be these people that say they knew us are the ones that were jealous of the wealth that my father had while in the LDS church, maybe they are the same ones that he took to dinner on numerous occasions and never thanked him, maybe these people are the ones that converted after what he had but as soon as he had some troubled times walked away form him and didn’t even extend the hand of friend ship, may be they are the ones that took more than they gave in back. What saddens me the most is that many of the people that accuse me and my family of much of these sick things don’t even know us first hand. Many of the people have only heard of us and have only listed to gossip and rumour. I have many friends that are LDS even my extended family my mother in law for instance in LDS and even she can’t believe some of the things that have been said about me. I have just yesterday meet with an old LDS friend at Starbucks in Derby where we had a great chat about some of the things above. I consider him a friend and those that know me know that I would not do the sorts of things that I have been accused of. My father has never been arrested for fraud or for anything of that nature. He might have offended people in the LDS church or had differences of opinion with many of them in the past, but that hardly qualifies them to speak about him in a manner that is both derogatory and untrue. Defamation of character and slander are serious and if I knew who these people were personally I would do something more about it though legal channels. I have approached the Nauvoo forum and have asked them to cease and desist their members from posting things of this nature and have told them of our action to seek legal advice should this continue. We have nothing to hide so I make this post with a clear conscience, I just hope that many of the people who have said some of the hatful things about us have some prang of conscience, however I doubt it.

If you have anything to ask please email me or the church and ask us, if you want to meet face to face about your concerned then I am happy to do that, as I have done just yesterday. Don’t listen to gossip and lies, because all that does is make a fool out of you.

Friday, 14 November 2008

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