Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Church and Passover Celebration

In these last days the Lord has seen fit to call a people forth to set right what has for so long been in error. He has seen fit to enlighten humanity with more revealed scripture and has enabled us to read the words of others who also worshipped at the feet of Christ. As so today h e has chosen to do away with the errors of the Easter season.

In these last days the church of God has been commanded to set aside all the unrighteousness of Easter and has been commanded to remember the Passover of Christ from mortality to immortally from corruptible to incorruptible. The feast of the new Passover is a true celebration of the true meaning of the celebration of a wonderful time of year named by the world as Easter.

To all our members world wide we ask that you to remember the words spoken in the Book of prophecies and Revelations when the Lord said:
‘Hearken, O my servant, my Prophet, for verily I say unto you that I the Lord am most displeased with the world for they have taken my sacrifice and they have desecrated it and they have set it at naught. Behold I say unto you that it is not pleasing unto me that Easter be celebrated amongst my church in the manner in which it is being done. For it is a celebration that mocks me and it is done in memory of a pagan God. Now I say unto you that it is expedient unto me that these things are done away with and that they not be done in my name for my name is sacred and shall not be cast down amongst the swine for them to feast upon’
So let us brace ourselves to our duty to do as the Lord commands and leave behind all the trappings of Easter eggs and bunny rabbits and let us instead look to Christ for he is our Lord and it is to him that our minds must be turned this time of year. God bless you my brothers and sisters and may you all have a wonderful and happy and Christ centered Passover weekend.

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