Thursday, 31 May 2007

It has been a long month for the church. We have been busy doing a lot of changes that were announced at the General Assembly meeting last Sunday. We have been given the use of the local Village hall to meet in and that is a great blessing. The recording of the General Assembly will be posted on here as soon as we have gad it back and it has been edited.
We were so pleased to be able to meet as a body of saints and to be able to sit in general assembly and be able to conduct ourselves in conference in the name of the Lord. A lot of things took place and the business of the church was conducted. The name of the church was sustained as The latter Day Church of Jesus Christ, Matthew Gill was sustained and upheld as Prophet, seer, revelator and translator of the church. Our scriptures were sustained and we upheld the use of the Inspired version of the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Book of Jeraneck and the Book of Prophesy and Revelation. All in all it was a fantastic meeting and we look forward to our next.

Apart from our General Assembly meeting we have been in constant contact with The Church of Jesus Christ Restored 1830. we have been talking to them and trying to find common ground. The prophet says that we are making headway and that there last correspondence was very good. However i have been told by the prophet that we are not to get carried away, it is very early days and the Lord will be the decider of what goes on not us. We wish to apologise if we have said things that have been misunderstood and taken out of context.

The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ is a Mormon church and as such we uphold the teachings of Joseph Smith and we sustain him as the first prophet in the last dispensation of the fullness of times. We believe that the lord is continuing to give us his children guidance by way of our Prophet Matthew Gill. We have been blessed most recently in having a revelation given to someone very close to the the Prophets family. This revelation will be included in the Book of Prophesy and Revelation for all the church to see and the world. We have also been granted permission to show the revelation here on the blog. The name of the person has been changed to Enoch to protect him from the judgement of people that are not of like mind. It is unfortunate that this has to be done but as we have experienced here before many people out there who call themselves Christians and even Mormons are not very accommodating when it comes to things of this nature and the prophet feels that to heap such persecution upon this person would be unjust. The Prophet has said that until this person comes unto the waters of baptism it is our duty to protect him from the judgement of the wicked. so here is the most recent revelation given to Enoch from the lord.

Hearken unto my words Enoch and bend low unto them for I speak to you now with the power of the Father and all the havens. Behold I say unto you the works, and the designs, and the purposes of God cannot be frustrated, neither can they come to naught. For I the Lord do not walk in crooked paths, neither do I turn to the right hand nor to the left, neither do I vary from that which I have said, therefore my paths are straight, and my course is one eternal round. Remember, that it is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men. Behold I say unto you that I speak unto you thru my servant Matthew Philip Gill and it is to him that I have given power and authority to speak in my name, for I the Lord even the very Jesus who bled for you in the garden of Gethsemane have anointed him to be my Prophet. Verily I say unto you that I have seen you and I know your doings, I have watched you and I have seen you and I the Lord now speak unto you for I have a work for you to do upon this earth and I have a work for you to do within my church for behold my church is The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ and I have given my servant and friend Matthew Philip Gill charge over it to see that it is kept in order and that my kingdom roles forth.
Now I speak unto you as if you are present but yet you are not and I speak unto you in plainness so that you might under stand the work that I have in store for you and I say unto you that my Servant Matthew Philip Gill has got the plates of which he has testified and borne record of and I say unto you that he has received them of me. Now behold I speak unto you, for I am, the Lord God, and have given these things unto my servant Matthew Philip Gill and I command you that you should stand as a witness of these things. And I command you that you should enter into a covenant with me, that you should bear witness and testify of the existence of the plates and of their sacredness. Behold I command you and say unto you to testify of them to those persons to whom I shall commanded you, for I am the Lord and I say unto you that you are to be a servant unto me in my kingdom. Verily, verily I say unto you, that woe shall come upon you if you will not hearken unto my words. For hereafter you shall be ordained and go forth and deliver my words unto the children of men. Behold you shall pass though the sacred ordinance of the temple and shall bear witness that I am and that my kingdom is hear in fullness. Now I say unto you behold, believe upon my words, believe upon my servant Matthew Philip Gill, for verily I say unto you, I have reserved these things for you and it is pleasing unto me that more shall be given unto you, my servant, Enoch for a wise purpose in me, and it shall be made known unto future generations.
Now behold and hearken unto my words for all these things must come to pass. But Behold they can only come to pass if thou believe upon my words and do all the things that I have commanded of you. For the gate by which you should enter is repentance and baptism by water in to my church and when you shall have immersed yourself in to the water, you shall come forth again out of the water and then will cometh a remission of your sins by fire, and by the Holy Ghost. For I say unto you, my beloved brother, after you have gotten into the strait and narrow path, I would ask, if all your work is done? Behold, I say unto you, No. Wherefore, you must press forward with steadfastness and a belief in me, having a perfect brightness of hope, and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of my servant and of me, and endure to the end, behold, I say unto you in the name of the Father: You shall have eternal life and you shall stand with me at my second coming.
Now behold and hearken unto me for I say unto you Enoch a great and marvellous work is about to come forth unto the children of men. Behold, I am God, give heed unto my word, which is quick and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword therefore Enoch give heed unto my words. For I say unto you that you are to be a great instrument in my hands and also unto my church and it is my command that you serve me and also that you serve as a councillor unto my Prophet Matthew Philip Gill and give aid unto him and help build up my kingdom upon the earth. Behold it is for this reason that I have come unto my servant Matthew Philip Gill and spake unto him and I commanded him that he speak unto you and tell you of these things for your faith is that of a small child and if I were to appear unto you in the flesh you would wither and die, and it is because of this that I have spoken unto my Prophet that he should go and speak my words unto you.
Wherefore I the Lord, knowing the calamity which should come upon the inhabitants of the earth, called upon my servant Matthew Philip Gill, and spake unto him from heaven, and gave him commandments, and also gave commandments to others, that they should proclaim the words of my mouth unto the world, and all this that my kingdom might be fulfilled, which was written by the prophets of old. Now hearken unto me Enoch for I say unto you that the world in these last days is not of me but it is of the devil and he has caused that the weak things of the world shall come forth and break down the mighty and strong ones, that man should not counsel his fellow-man. Now I say unto you that you should not place your trust in the arm of flesh or in any other church that professes to do things in my name but I command you to speak in my name, the Lord, even the Saviour of the world, that your faith also might increase. Behold you are like unto my servant Paul whom I caused to have a mighty change of heart, for he to went to an fro upon the earth without faith in my name and it was unto him that I placed my spirit and caused him to worship me and bend low unto me and he to went forth preaching unto the inhabitants of the earth. Verily I say unto you that the time has come when mine everlasting covenant might be established, that the fullness of my gospel might be proclaimed by the weak and the simple, unto the ends of the world, and before kings and rulers.
For I, the Lord, am merciful and gracious unto those who fear me, and delight to honour those who serve me in righteousness and in truth unto the end. Great shall be your reward, and eternal shall be your glory; and to you will I reveal all my mysteries, yea, all the hidden mysteries of my kingdom, will I make known unto you the good pleasure of my will concerning all things pertaining to my kingdom, yes, even the wonders of eternity shall you know, and things to come will I show you when you are in the presence of my Prophet for it is unto him that I have placed the keys of the kingdom at this time and when you are in his service I will revel many things unto you, even the things of many generations, and because of this your wisdom shall be great, and your understanding shall be great even unto the reaching to heaven.
Verily, verily, I say unto you, watch and pray always, lest you be tempted by the devil, and you are led away captive by him. And as I have prayed among my Prophet in person so shall I pray among you, even so shall you pray in my church, among my people and teach them and lead them and bring them to repent and many shall you bring to be baptized, for I say unto you that even your father and your mother shall behold the light that shall shine forth from you and they shall kneel down at your feet and they shall bring themselves unto my Prophet and be baptised in my name in my church and all this shall be given you because you shall have done as I commanded and done it in my name. Behold I am the light of the world I have set an example for you to follow and I have raised up among you a Prophet who acts in my name. Behold he stands at the head of my church and it was so that you should know him for a great work I have in store for you. Behold thus saith the Lord your God, if you but receive wisdom here is wisdom. Behold, this is wisdom, that you may obtain an everlasting inheritance within my kingdom. Now I make an end of speaking these words unto my Prophet for your benefit and I make an end with these words, and say unto you, come unto me and serve me with all your heart might mind and strength and feast at the table that I have laid for you and take hold of the great things that shall give you nourishment and a place shall be given you at my side when I come again in the name of the father. Amen.

Now this is for the benefit of all who read but more so for the person it was given to. However this was not the last revelation that we were given from the Prophet. During the General Assembly meeting we were given yet another wonderful promise from the Lord that in the coming moths we would be given yet more ancient scripture from the "Dust of this Land" when we heard these words we were all over joyed, we can only imagine what wonders are yet to be given to us but as the Prophet said during are General Assembly “We have had a taste of some of the fruit from this land and so anything else we will receive will be just as sweet if not sweeter”.

We conclude this weeks post and say to you all, come and worship with us and hear a modern day Prophet speak. God bless. and may you have a great week.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Another week another blog post. Hello and welcome. We hope that the past week has been kind and that the Lord has blessed your week in abundance.

This week’s blog is extremely exciting for The Latter Day Church of Christ. We have some wonderful things to share with people and also a response to further persecution and accusation that is flying around many parts of the LDS Church.

Firstly the news. We have now received our Advertising pack form the publishers and we must say that they are fantastic. A picture of our main poster can be seen on this post. We will be doing some proselyting in the Coopers Square in Burton Town Centre within the coming weeks and we hope to be able to impart to people a little knowledge and spirit. The Latter Day Church of Christ is also in possession of the Translated version of the Bible by Joseph Smith. The Prophet Joseph Smith began this revision in 1830 and completed the initial revision by July 2, 1833. In one of the new Revelations by the Lord our Prophet Matthew Gill was told to use this Bible, so now we have it and we plan top use it. The work has begun transposing and also layout and the full work should be completed by the end of June. Also the Book of Prophesy and Revelation is ready for the printers and has just been passed by the “Office of Prophet of the church” We have also had a revision of the Book of Jeraneck passed so we have lots of works going to the publishers in the next couple of weeks to months. The Fist General Assembly Meeting of The Latter Day Church of Christ will take place on the 27th of May and we welcome all people to attend and to feel the spirit of the Lord and to also hear a Modern Prophet of the Lord. All said the work of the kingdom is progressing very well. Now I will hand over the remaining Blog Post to our prophet Matthew Gill:-
It would seem that people are either not paying any attention to our blog our to the information that we are giving out or they are deliberately being offensive just to cause offence. May I just stress once again to all the LDS Mormons that we do believe in many of the same things but on others we have to Part Company. It would seem that you give no credence to your own Articles of faith, which I have quoted many times on this blog site. The Latter Day Church of Christ do not believe that your church is led by a Prophet of God and that you have no base for such a claim, however I would never stop speaking or associating with LDS Mormons because of that. However it seems that many LDS members feel that they have a right to go around slandering our church and also myself and those associated with the church. How sad it is when people who profess to believe in a God of love do not show that countenance in their own lives. I know that God lives. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ as contained in the Translated Bible, the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants, the Book of Mormon the Book of Jeraneck and the Book of Prophesy and Revelation is true and that I was chosen to be a mouth piece for the Lord in these last days of trouble a and strife. I will never deny that and I don’t see why we should be asked to.
Many of the LDS Mormons that I know have very little knowledge of our church and for that matter of their ownlet alone the basics of the Gospel. It would seem to me that it would be a very good idea to first obtain that knowledge before accusing us of things that are unfounded. I would urge all the LDS Mormons that I know to learn more of the history of the church and to look a little deeper,at their own the cracks are there I don’t believe that you are looking hard enough, some of you don’t want to look at the history of your church because you are of the opinion that you don’t need to. A great historian once said “Those who don’t learn from history are bound to repeat it” I think this statement could be directed at the LDS church.
To You I say this the harder you persecute us the harder our resolve will become. We have a duty and a job to do that is divine. As Joseph smith said “No unhallowed Hand will stop the work progressing” We will do what the Lord has commanded. To the people I know personally, and you know who you are I say this. You know me; you know what I have said to you personally, you will find nothing in what I have said about the Gospel or about the History of the church that is untrue. Put the Book of Jeraneck to the test, put the words of Jeraneck to the test and read and pray about it. You will find nothing in what the Latter Day Church of Christ teach that is wrong. Once again I call upon you to speak to us directly and to come to me and ask me directly or any of the presiding presidency we are here to answer any questions you may have. Amen.

I would like to thank the prophet for the time he has taken in past weeks to answer the persecutors personally. Now for our message for the week we hope that you find this week’s message insightful and educational.

Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy

"I had not been married scarcely five minutes, and made one proclamation of the Gospel, before it was reported that I had seven wives.... I am innocent of all these charges.... What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one. I am the same man, and as innocent as I was fourteen years ago; and I can prove them all perjurers."
—Joseph Smith, Jr.,

Another indictment has been got up against me [the polygamy indictment]. It appears a holy prophet (William Law) has arisen up, and he has testified against me (causing the polygamy indictment to be brought forth).... God knows, then, that the charges against me are false.
I had not been married scarcely five minutes, and made one proclamation of the Gospel, before it was reported that I had seven wives. I mean to live and proclaim the truth as long as I can.
This new holy prophet (William Law) has gone to Carthage and swore that I had told him that I was guilty of adultery. This spiritual wifeism! Why, a man dares not speak or wink, for fear of being accused of this.... William Law ... swears that I have committed adultery. I wish the grand jury would tell me who they (the alleged wives) are—whether it will be a curse or blessing to me....
A man asked me whether the commandment (revelation) was given that a man may have seven wives; and now the new prophet has charged me with adultery.... Wilson Law (William's brother) also swears that I told him I was guilty of adultery.... I have rattled chains before in a dungeon for truth's sake. I am innocent of all these charges, and you can bear witness of my innocence, for you know me yourselves.... What a thing it is for a man to be accused of committing adultery, and having seven wives, when I can only find one.
I am the same man, and as innocent as I was fourteen years ago (when charged with polygamy shortly after his marriage to Emma Hale); and I can prove them all perjurers.

This sermon is extremely important because in it Joseph Smith declared, just one month and one day before his martyrdom, that he had only one wife. In other words, he declared that he was not a polygamist. It is significant that this sermon is published by the LDS Church itself, in its most important history. The sermon alone proves that Joseph was not a polygamist.
There are a number of points in the sermon which deserve close analysis:
I had not been married scarcely five minutes ... before it was reported that I had seven wives. Joseph was plagued with polygamy rumors all his public life and always denied being a polygamist. Either he told the truth and was a true prophet; or he was a polygamist who was a liar and base deceiver, and was therefore a fraud and a false prophet. There is no half-way situation in this matter. As previously stated, he never hesitated to tell the truth about any other doctrine, in spite of persecution—which is evidence that he was also telling the truth in this case.
This spiritual wifeism! Why, a man dares not speak or wink, for fear of being accused of this. This is a reference to Dr. Bennett's teachings two years earlier that Joseph taught that “promiscuous intercourse between the sexes, was a doctrine believed in by the Latter-Day Saints ... that myself and others of the authorities of the church not only sanctioned, but practiced the same wicked acts” (Times and Seasons 3 July 1, 1842). Joseph is declaring that spiritual wifery rumors are still prevalent in Nauvoo, and that they are all false.

A man asked me whether the commandment was given that a man may have seven wives. If Joseph had been guilty of polygamy, and was trying to keep it secret as the Utah LDS Church claim, he certainly would not have made this statement. The truth is that he wanted to get the whole matter out in the open and to put a stop to the polygamous activities which some of the apostles and their friends were practicing at the time.
What a thing it is for a man to be accused of ... having seven wives, when I can only find one. Here is a definite declaration by the Prophet that he had only one wife—Emma. This statement alone answers the question of whether or not he was guilty of polygamy. Those who later claimed that he had more wives were polygamists themselves, who used his name to cover their own crimes of polygamy. Or, like William Law, claimed Joseph was a polygamist in order to depose him.

Joseph's statement that “I can prove them all perjurers” was very significant, for it meant that he had foreseen the coming problem of being accused of polygamy and had taken the measures to be able to prove that he was innocent. He declared in the same sermon:
For the last three years I have a record of all my acts and proceedings, for I have kept several good, faithful, and efficient clerks in constant employ; they have accompanied me everywhere, and carefully kept my history, and they have written down what I have done, where I have been, and what I have said; therefore my enemies cannot charge me with any day, time, or place, but what I have written testimony to prove my actions; and my enemies cannot prove anything against me. (LDS History of the Church 6:409)
Unfortunately, Joseph's carefully laid plans to prove his innocence were thwarted by Brigham Young and his followers—for they took Joseph's papers with them to Utah and kept them from the public.
Joseph Smith III (son of the Martyr) explained:
At the death of my father, Joseph W. Coolidge was appointed administrator of the estate.... The private and personal correspondence of my father, many books and some other matters of personal character were in his office in care of (Apostle) Willard Richards, and others, clerks and officials. These were either retained by the administrator upon his own responsibility; or were refused to my mother's demand at the direction of the Twelve; the latter we were at the time led to believe.... In answer to repeated demands for my father's private papers, journal and correspondence, made by my mother, there was an invariable denial. (Edward W. Tullidge, Life of Joseph the Prophet, 744–745)
In another account Joseph III stated concerning the LDS leaders' refusal to return his father's private papers to Emma: His private records, biography, portions of history—family and general—manuscripts, memoranda, and parts of his library were all included in this refusal to comply with Mother's request. (Saints' Herald 82 January 29, 1935)
Most of the “good, faithful, and efficient clerks” were not good and faithful to Joseph. Some were polygamists themselves, and they rewrote Joseph's history under Brigham's direction to make it appear that Joseph was the author of polygamy. The LDS Mormon Church has published, “Moreover, since the death of the Prophet Joseph, the history has been carefully revised under the strict inspection of President Brigham Young, and approved by him” (LDS History of the Church 1:v–vi).
Elder Charles Wandell, upon reading Joseph's history as published by the LDS Church, declared that Joseph's history had been changed.
He asserted: I noticed these interpolations because having been employed (myself) in the Historian's office at Nauvoo by Doctor Richards, and employed, too, in 1845, in compiling this very autobiography, I know that after Joseph's death his memoir was "doctored" to suit the new order of things, and this, too, by the direct order of Brigham Young to Doctor Richards and systematically by Richards. (RLDS History of the Church 4:97)
After Joseph's death, Brigham Young expanded his polygamous base by bringing more and more Saints into the polygamy fold. After he had led his followers to Utah and Joseph had been dead for eight years, Brigham publicly presented to the Saints a mysterious document (Section 132 of the LDS Doctrine and Covenants). He claimed that it was only a copy of an original revelation which Joseph had received. Brigham claimed that he had kept the copy secretly hidden in his desk.

He declared: This revelation has been in my possession many years; and who has known it? None but those who should know it. I keep a patent lock on my desk, and there does not anything leak out that should not. (Supplement to Millennial Star 15 1853: RLDS History of the Church 3:349)
The mystery which was “had in secret chambers” for years was now made public. That mystery was polygamy! Joseph Smith fought against polygamy all of his public life, but Brigham Young managed to bring it into the Church in spite of Joseph's efforts to keep it out
For those out there who need more convincing about the nature of Brigham Young see the following account of when the two sons of Joseph Smith met Brigham Young. Notice how the supposed prophet acts and notice how the sons of the Prophet Jospeh Smith Act:-

Alexander Smith's Account of Brigham's Accusations against Oliver

When Alexander and David went to Salt Lake City in 1869, Alexander was thirty years of age and David was twenty-four. They used as their base the Inspired Version of the Holy Scriptures, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Times and Seasons as left by their martyred father.

Brigham faced a monumental task now that Alexander and David had come to preach against polygamy. Alexander wrote of his and David's historic visit with President Young:
On the 17th we called on President Brigham Young, to see if we could get the tabernacle to preach in, and now really begins our experiences in this strange mission.
We went into the Deseret News office, and made inquiry if we could see Pres. Brigham Young, as we were instructed that that was the best way to get an audience with him. We were invited to sit down till our request could be taken to him, and get an answer. It seemed to me we were detained here about two hours and a half.... Finally I stood ... and arose to go....
As we rose to take our leave, a messenger came to inform us President Young would see us. Would we walk into his office? We passed through two or three anterooms or connecting rooms between the Deseret News Office and President Young's private office, and were ushered into the presence of Brigham Young and about nineteen or twenty others; and the puzzle of our long wait was solved. Messengers had been sent out in the city to call in the principal men of the church to be present at the interview, and it took time to get them all in. There were Pres. Brigham Young, John Taylor, Daniel Wells, George A. Smith, Brigham Young, Jr., George Q. Cannon, J. F. (Joseph Fielding) Smith, John Henry Smith, John Smith, Samuel Smith, Joseph Young, Phineas Young, and a number of others whose names escape my memory now. From the imposing array of names, you can judge the interview was considered by President Young to be an important one. To say I was surprised does not fully express my feeling at this imposing array of the heads of the church there. I had simply called upon Mr. Young to request the use of the tabernacle, not expecting to meet so strong an array of talent.
Alexander Hale Smith and David Hyrum Smith, who challenged Brigham's claim about Oliver Cowdery and the article on "Marriage." We were formally introduced to all in the room, and after this ceremony, I simply announced the object of my call, telling President Young I understood that others were granted the use of the tabernacle when not in service by themselves, and as my brother David and I were there to represent the Reorganized Church we would like to be accorded the privilege to address the people from the pulpit of the tabernacle. Here let me explain a little. Three years before I had spoken in Line and Fox's Garden, a place of public resort in the city, and in my service I was opposed by my cousin, Joseph F. Smith, and in my answer to him I made use of some statements which displeased President Brigham Young; and ere my request for the use of the tabernacle was noticed I was called upon by him to take back or retract my statements. I told him I could not do so because they were strictly true, and I stood ready to prove them. He asked me where I got my information, and I remarked I had lived through the experiences of many of the events referred to, and did not need to have anyone inform me. He then asked me if my mother did not give me information. By this time so much had been said we were both getting warm and earnest in our converse. I answered, Yes sir, and I had more confidence in her statement than I did in his. This made him quite angry, and he began to abuse my mother, calling her "the damnedest liar that ever lived;" accused her of trying to poison my father twice, and also accused her of stealing my father's and Uncle Hyrum's picture, and his family ring, and withholding them from the church and the family, and other things of like nature.
I finally told him to stop; that what he had said was false and he knew it to be false. Of course this angered him still more. Some one said, "We love you boys for your father's sake." I said that made no impression upon me, I expected to live long enough to make for myself a name, and have the people of God love me for my own sake. At this President Young arose to his feet, clenched his fists, and shook them down by his side, raised upon his toes and came down on his heels repeatedly as he said, "A name, a name, a name. You have not got God enough about you to make a name. You are nothing at all like your father. He was open and frank and outspoken, but you; there is something covered up, something hidden, calculated to deceive."
I told him time would tell. He then told me that article on marriage in the Book of Covenants had been written by Oliver Cowdery and published in the book directly in opposition to father's wishes. I remarked, "President Young, unfortunately for your statement, that article with every other one in the book, used by the church previous to father's death, was laid before a general assembly of the church in solemn assembly, and endorsed by the whole church." I then challenged him or any other authorized representative of the church there in Utah to meet us in discussion of the differences in faith and organization existing between us. I told him, "You say you have the truth, and that we are in error. If you have the truth, what need you fear? You are men in full vigor of mind and reason, we are but boys. If it is as you say you can easily overcome us, if we are in the wrong; but if it proves that we are right the sooner you get right the better. Unfortunately for us, a Mormon legislature has made laws prohibiting preaching upon the streets of the cities in Utah, so we are denied the means used by your missionaries in Europe to convert thousands; but you have not made it a misdemeanor to preach upon the mountain side, and we propose to get the ears of this people, if we must needs preach on the mountain side."
President Young would no longer talk to me; so I said, "Come, David, let us go; it is useless to prolong this controversy." We arose to our feet, and David said, "Mr. Young, are we to understand that we are denied the use of the tabernacle?"
President Young then turned to his brethren, and said, "What do you say, brethren?" Several of them expressed themselves disapproving the letting us have it. The exact words of none come to me except those of George Q. Cannon. He arose and said, "So far as I am concerned, I can soon express myself. After we whose hairs have grown gray in the service of God and after we have borne the heat and burden of the day in persecution and suffering, on land and sea, and have labored long and hard in heat and cold to build up the work and name for their father; for these boys to come now and ask us for the use of our houses to tear down what we have been so many years in building up, to me it is the height of impudence, and I will not give my consent to it." He was very much in earnest, his face was as white as death.
David then quietly arose to his full height and his face was also white but his words were calm, but oh, so full of sarcasm: "We will not deny that you have traveled far, suffered much, and labored hard to build up a name for our father, but what sort of a name is it? A name that we his sons are ashamed to meet in good society, and it shall be our life's work to remove from our father's name the stain you have heaped upon it."
None were so severe as George Q. Cannon. After an expression had been called for and given, President Young then turned to David and said, "No, David, we do not think it wise to let you have the tabernacle." As we arose and turned to go out, Mr. Young said, "Boys, don't let this be your last visit; come again. I would gladly take you to my bosom if I did not think I would be taking a viper to my bosom that would sting me to death."
I told him he need not be alarmed, it was not likely after the reception we had just passed through, that we would visit either at his home or office. We went out, and the fight was on. (Autumn Leaves 14 Lamoni, Iowa, August 1901: 349–351)

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