Saturday, 1 February 2014

Recognising a Living Prophet

Throughout the history of the world the majority of people have never been able to recognise a living Prophet no matter where he is raised or on what continent he springs from. Only a few were and are able to believe that God could speak to a man who wears the common clay of ones own generation. The rest of the people would idolize the prophets of the past, while they stoned and killed or even persecuted the living Prophets of the present. It is a fascinating study of human nature to see how these people would usually honour the Prophets of the past rather than acknowledge that they have a living Prophet in front of them. Once the Prophets were dead, they would place them on imaginary pedestals, turning them into perfect individuals who had never made a single mistake or who had never said anything controversial. Then they would make a selection from their teachings which suited their own particular tastes, and smugly go about living their, lives of wickedness while mouthing a few popular phrases which identifies them with these servants of God. In other words they bend the reality of the Prophets life to suit their own lives and the state in which they find themselves so that they feel better about living a lie or a sin.

As Latter Day Mormons and members of The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ we know without a doubt that men cannot live without living prophets amongst them for it is the living prophets that stand amongst the people who will denounce these hypocrites who say they are followers God but instead obey their won licentious desires. Living prophets will not allow men to pick their teachings to pieces and construct a crazy quilt pattern of personal interpretations which matches popular opinion of the day. This is why Prophets are seldom popular with their own generation because they tell it as it is and stand to correct all those that do not stand in righteousness. It is the task of the people of each generation to discover weather or not God has risen up a living Prophet for them in their day. The Bible teaches us that whenever Prophets are raised up, certain things will begin to happen. Doctrines will be clarified, new truths will be revealed, prophecies will be given, the kingdom of God will be revitalised and every honest seeker after the truth will be able to observe the power with witch a true prophet carries out his mission.

It is a fact that in all of holy writ there is not one single instance where God ever selected a professional holy man to be one of His prophets. In every case the call came like a bolt out of the blue, totally unexpected and very often to men who considered themselves weak and incapable and these people were amazed that God should honour them with revelation or consider them worthy of a prophetic calling at all. In many cases the work progressed very slowly and in the face of massive rejection and persecution. Many people said God would not speak to a mere normal person, they held aloft their scriptures containing the writings of prophets from the past, that in most circumstances had been clipped and spliced to suit their world view and with these held aloft would say that this was all the revelation they needed. They proclaimed that the new young prophet was making up his revelations that they weren’t from God, and how dare he stand and say such blasphemous things. However this was to be expected, these people could not recognise a living prophet any more than the people could at the time of Christ they were blinded and stuck in their ways and numb to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

In the case of the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ much of what is written above is the case for us. The Prophet is a normal man with a normal life and family, but God has called him to be a Prophet and today the gospel doctrines are being clarified, new revelation is being brought forth and people are being awakened to seek the truth that has for so long been lost or corrupted. We are indeed living in a time of clarification and a time when the Lord God has indeed spoken to men again and is leading a people in his way. This is what the Latter Day Church has to offer, a prophet of God who stands again upon the earth proclaiming truth, repentance and baptism. To all Latter Day Mormons we say, stay close to the prophet, stay close to God and proclaim the truth of this to the entire world and the Lord will indeed bless his children and his chosen prophet.

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