Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Changes to Church Leadership

We are unhappy to announce that effective immediately today Matthew P. Gill our beloved Prophet and First Elder will be stepping down from his role as First Elder of the church and relinquishing all control of the day to day runni9ng of the church. Matthew will still maintain the title of Prophet but this will be purely a figure head statues and will no longer allow Matthew to run the church as he has done so since 2006. This step has been taken mainly in part of the propjets continued ill health and the stress of maintaining and running the church. The running of the church will now rest in the hands of the Prophets father Elder Philip Andrew Gill.
We wish the prophet well and look forward to his continued presence at our meetings and as the figure head of our church.

With this change we announce that as of 1.00pm on the 01/11/2017 Matthew P Gill and Peter Charles Barber no longer have any executive or financial control/input into the affairs of The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ.  Philip Andrew Gill is the first Elder of the Church and assumes full executive responsibility for all financial and non ecclesiastical matters appertaining to the Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ. Matthew Gill will remain as Prophet,seer and Revelator only over ecclesiastical matters appertaining to the Latter Day Church of Jesus christ. Peter Charles Barber remains as a counselor only with ecclesiastical responsibilities.
We thank you for your love and understanding at this difficult time.
Elder Philip A. Gill
First Elder of The Church

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