Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Lords Action Plan

The Lord has given the church our plan of action, the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has also

Given us the Priesthood which is his power and authority so that we may act for him in carrying out his Action plan. As a member of The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ it lifts my spirit to think my heavenly father entrusted us his children with such a responsibility to promote the Lords teaching on Earth.

We his followers and members of the church have a duty to push forward to set goals this year, this month, this week to promote the gospel especially The Book of Jeraneck this special witness of the Lord is also a witness that the Action plan of the Lord was also a part of the lives of people on this island.

Probably one reason we do not have more success in doing the lords work is caused by our state of mind. We need to be single minded with this in mind; I give you 12 points not in detail but as a guide.

1] REPENTANCE:   Do not let this way you down Read MATT 11 28-30

2] PRAYER:   Pray always that you may come off conqueror D/C 10.5

3] SERVICE:  When you find yourself a little gloomy bury yourself in the lord’s work. Be an example to the world, go the extra mile.

4] WORK:  We should work at taking care of the spiritual, mental, social, and Physical needs of ourselves and those whom we are responsible for.

5] HEALTH:  Be aware of our health seek good medical help and be mindful of our

Lords help in keeping us healthy.

6] READING:  For those in distress Read the Psalms My favourite Psalm 22

7] BLESSING:  We must use the priesthood to build up our spiritual strength never be reluctant to use the Priesthood for a blessing it is your right.

8] FASTING:  Only by this can we hope to one day live up to the contents of MATT 17-21

9] FRIENDS:  Without friends we are not whole we need and in fact we must have friendship in our lives. D/C84 13

10] MUSIC:  When Saul was troubled by an evil spirit, David played for him with his Harp and Saul was refreshed and in those immortal words IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE PLAY ON

11] ENDURANCE:  To press on in troubled times even when depression is all around leads to sunshine. 1CORINTHIANS 2-9

12] GOALS:  Let your minds be filled with the goals of being like the Lord, and you will crowd out depressing thoughts as you anxiously seek to know him and his will.

In the lords name god bless our church this year and its members.

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