Saturday, 13 June 2015

Official Statement: Fellowship & Love

It has come to attention of the First Council of the church that our Facebook page has interfaced with many people since its creation and we are pleased with the efforts that have been are being made on our many social media outlets. The First Council of the church continue to welcome everyone in fellowship and friendship and we hope that we may continue to discuss topics concerning our faith and beliefs in an atmosphere of friendship.  The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ wish no one harm or malice and it is our mission that we afford all men the right to worship, how, where, and what they may and hold true to beliefs that are different to our own. It has come to the attention of The First Council that our vision is not the vision of many who interface with us on our social media outlets such as Facebook, there are some that belong to other Mormon faiths that wish to do the opposite and they seek continually to ridicule and persecute with comments that they leave on our Facebook page. This page is the official page of The Latter day Church of Jesus Christ and we have made it known many times that we are not LDS or anything to do with them. However we are a Mormon faith and we hold true to the foundation laid by the Prophet Joseph Smith, but with modern revelation given through our Prophet. These are the facts  but this still seems to be a problem for many people that harbour ill feeling towards this church, many of whom belong to the LDS Mormon church.
As the First Council we proclaim that will continue to welcome all those who wish to discuss and talk in an atmosphere of friendship and fellowship, but we will not tolerate hatful comments or comments that are meant to stir up hatred and evil feeling towards this church. We are first and foremost a church of Christ and we can not allow hatred and ill feelings to be poured out upon our page. With this in mind we will remove any comment that is designed to cause ill feeling.
Let us once again state that we wish no other Mormon church or its members harm or wish them ill will, we may not believe that they are true and that they are led by God, and we may proselyte along those lines, however we still allow them the privilege of worshipping to the dictates of their own conscience and all we ask is that we be allowed that same right, after all the prophet Joseph Smith built the early church on the very same foundation.

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