Monday, 16 November 2015

Official Church Statement: The Church and Same Sex Marriage

Since the leadership of the LDS church based in Utah in the United Sates have made clear their stance on same sex marriage and children our church have been inundated with emails and messages on our social media outlets about this subject. As the Prophet of the church this has led me to try again to clarify and make clear The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ's position on same sex marriage and relationships. While I welcome the LDS church standing firm on this very delicate subject and not giving any ground I must reiterate that we are not them and we have our own standing laws on this matter.
The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ have made it clear on numerous occasions such as in our summer general assembly that we do not condone or support same sex marriage and relationships in any way. We consider them to be an act of sin and would encourage those who are in relationships like those to seek forgiveness from the Lord as he has made it clear that he looks upon any sin and a serious problem. As Apostles of Christ it is our duty to make sure that we yield no ground on this matter and that we stand firm. I consider all those that affirm that they belong to the restoration movement have a duty and obligation never to allow the Gospel of Christ to be compromised in any way, especially on this subject.
I hope that this has made clear again where The Latter Day Church of Jesus Christ stands on this matter.
Matthew P. Gill
Prophet & First Elder

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