Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sunday Sermon: The Family Through All Time & Jesus Knows

We know that in the pre-existence we were part of a family. And that family with our omnipotent parents at the head taught us the guiding principles of the divine gospel.
In this rarefied atmosphere we had every opportunity afforded to us to learn and grow. Here on earth we continue this search for knowledge knowing each and every one of us will fall short of the perfection we saw in our heavenly parents to this end, we have been provided a saviour and a plan of redemption.
As earthly parents we encourage our earthly children to achieve their fullest potential. So too our heavenly father wishes us too gain exaltation and return to his side. We can become as our father in heaven and be as a God making world and populating planets however, this cannot be achieved alone. The scriptures tell us of many people all over the globe who have worshipped god and lived as Christians following the teaching of the Saviour. From the book of Jeraneck , the Bible and the book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants we can see that study and adherence to gospel education is vital.
As a people dedicated to the following of our Saviour and Heavenly Father we are expected to educate our families and others in what is important to gaining exaltation. We are as followers of Joseph Smith also responsible for the reminding of those who call themselves his followers that we should encourage all latter day saints to come together in one unified body. We the latter day church of Jesus Christ call on all our brothers and sister in all “Mormon” "latter day saint" denominations to unite and become one before the second coming of the saviour. As we have read we were once all one with one set of parents living in the pre-mortal world. We must bring this to pass once more on the earth after all we have more in common than that which divides us.
Today we have a prophet given to us by God, not by time served or as a result of living longer or being in the right position. Our prophet Matthew Gill speaks with and receives modern revelation today for all mankind not just our church or faith but for all who will open their hearts and listen. We must pray for the joining and gathering to Zion in Jackson county to begin now. The splintering into all the various latter day saint groups must be stopped. The ever increasing drive of the Utah LDS must be halted I know it is painful for them as they believe big is best but Joseph never would have allowed the diluting of the gospel like the leaders of the church in Salt Lake have allowed. We also appeal to all the restoration branches and reorganised branches in the latter day saint movement to come together with us under one common leadership, which leadership God will bestow and prepare our children and families for the second coming. Lets take the time He has given us and the friendships He has forged to get together and initiate the healing of the breach and the building of not only his one church but the building of the temple so our Saviour can come and fulfil his destiny with us his church together as one, not divided but at peace. I hope that the future will lend itself to healing if not, it will be us all who will answer Gods wrath.
In Gods great love let us all bask in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Elder Philip A. Gill
Second Elder in The Office of The Prophet
Jesus Knows
Every bit of grief and sorrow,
Jesus knows;
All the dreading of tomorrow;
Jesus knows.

All the sadness and the sighing;
Fading hopes around thee lying,
All the burden of the crying,
Jesus knows.

All thy bitter disappointments,
Jesus knows;
Crosses - that are His appointments;
Jesus knows.

Dost though cloud thy days with worry?
Take the cross He bids thee carry -
Not for long His aid will tarry,
Jesus knows.

Doubts and fears that so oppress thee;
Jesus knows;
Vain regrets that will distress thee;
Jesus knows.

Lonely hours from loved ones parted,
Loss, that leaves thee broken-hearted
And those tears that memory started,
Jesus knows.

Yes, thy very grief and sorrow;
Jesus knows;
From this thought sweet solace borrow;
Jesus knows.

He has promised not to fail thee;
Never leave thee nor forsake thee,
Oh to trust in Him completely,
Jesus Knows!
Sister Alyson Gill


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