Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Testimony of the Saviour

Enquiring of the Lord about the topic of my talk and after receiving the direction that I should bear testimony that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God and he died for us. As I am entitled as a follower of Jesus Christ to know through the Holy Ghost that Jesus is my personal saviour and the saviour of all mankind I pronounce that he was restored to life following his crucifixion.
My, our testimony comes from the Holy Ghost. We know from modern day revelation the identity of the third member of the Godhead. Through the priesthood we receive the witness from the holy ghost that guides and directs our decisions. I desire to convey to all who hear or read this address that your hearts may be opened and that you will know that I speak of truth. The words of the Hymn “I BELIEVE IN CHRIST” we take from this that salvation begins and ends with our Heavenly Father, and he is offering to us a life akin to his to posses and enjoy his power for eternity.
In our pre existent state we learned of the plan of salvation this plan would allow us to come to earth and progress, and go back to our father in glory and knowledge. Because of sin we needed a mediator this came in the guise of Jesus Christ who without him we would be unable to satisfy our Father in heaven.
In the Book of Mormon we establish the position of the Saviour in our earthly progression. Joseph Smith was once asked about the principles of our faith, he answered "the fundamental principles of our faith are the testimony of our apostles and prophet concerning Jesus Christ and that he died for us"
(History of the church vol3,p30)
We must always convey to the world and our followers the message that the atoning sacrifice of our saviour is at the heart of our faith. Without this there would be neither immortality or exaltation.
As followers of the gospel as contained in the Bible , Book of Mormon, and the Book of Jaraneck  we are able to live the glorious thing that has happened in this the last days the windows of heaven are open and through our Prophet Matthew Gill we receive the direction of our Father who wants us to know of the great work of his son. My voice as a witness of the saviour is to testify that of the divinity and truthfulness of his works amongst the children of our heavenly father on earth. The testimony I bear is one who knows for a surety that Jesus is the Christ echoing the testimonies of countless followers down the years from 1820. We owe much to Joseph Smith who ushered in this special Message by being instrumental in the bringing to the human race the message contained in the Book of Mormon this message of course is simple,
"Be led by the holy ghost" without this we are like a ship without a compass.
In this day we as followers of the Saviour and adherents to direction of our Prophet Matthew Gill who talks with our saviour and receives commands for our benefit. I proclaim  the truths and desires in my heart to have  people believe and obey. The salvation of mankind is in the gift of Jesus Christ and wishes us to gain exaltation and once again walk in the steps of our heavenly father.
In The Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Second Elder Philip Gill

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