Friday, 29 November 2019

Our Prophet is Not ill and Continues to Lead His Church.

It is a sign of the times that we live in The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ have to make such an announcement. However we The Restored Branch of Jesus Christ would like to set straight a massive, horrible lie being spread by members of the LDS church that our Prophet and First Elder Matthew Gill has had a mental breakdown causing him to leave his position at the head of our church. Firstly this horrible gossip is not true and those who have spread this horrible lie on the website have no idea what they are talking about.

This year our church had been fighting a lengthy legal battle with the LDS church and it was necessary, for a while for our Prophet to step aside from the day to day running of the church while this legal issue was being sorted. The legal issue was successfully sorted and the Prophet Matthew Gill returned to the day to day running of the church. Our Prophet has not suffered a mental breakdown as has been reported and anything that says otherwise is a lie and evil gossip.

Our prophet Matthew Gill leads the church as he has done for years and holds regular church meetings and classes and can be seen regularly at those Sunday services. He is not ill or mentally exhausted. Should anything happen to our Prophet of this nature the church would immediately let our membership know and as he is very well and leading the church as normal nothing has been needed to be said.

It would seem that once again false ideas and horrible gossip are never far from the lips of those members of the LDS church. They have tried time and time again to besmirch our Prophets Character and leadership and time and time again they have failed. This is just another example of evil, hatred and trouble making by those incapable of holding decent discussions and Christ like attitudes in their hearts.

We stress once again that the Prophet Matthew Gill is well and continues to lead the church on a daily basis.

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